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Meeting Business Challenges

Technology is so pervasive and has growth so rapidly that it’s changed every aspect of how you do business, and it impacts your expansion, productivity, business value and customer satisfaction.

To keep ahead of your competition, you need an ally that can provide efficient solution and latest technology trends so you can keep pace with the changing marketplace.

Business Value of Web 2.0

An exceptional record for on-time and on-budget delivery

Reduce in-house IT spend of up to 30% over the lifetime of your application

Lower costs, access the skills you need and expedite time to market

Appropriate solution for what you need to achieve your business objectives

In a constantly changing global economy, balancing costs, quality and speed is your goal – achieving that balance is our strength. With our vast experience in complex environments, we know what works. We’ve done it for many other successful companies, and we can do it for you.

Gamey Studio Web 2.0 Strategy Offerings

IT Outsourcing Service

Application Development

IT Consultation

Open Source Customization Service

Designing Templates for open source software

Customize open source software

Installing open source solutions and modules

E-Business - Content Management System, Online Shop, Online Catalogs

Web 2.0 Application Development

Delightful & cost-effective solution

In the times of economic uncertainty, budgets are tighter than ever. Business leaders aim to gain the most ROI from their mission-critical IT investments.

We can make use of existing Intelligence to satisfy your business needs in preferential approach. Your business will emerge stronger from current crises by building your strategic business assets.

Open source enables:

An exceptional record for on-time and on-budget delivery

Reduction of the development time and cost up to 50%, compare to develop an entire system

Customization in order to suit your business needs

Scalability and robustness software with a large support community of highly skilled software developers

Decrease project development risks

With the support of Gamey Studio, you can join the technology forefront and use open source to take control of its high technology destiny.

Recommended Open Source Solutions

Wordpress Joomla osCommerce

E-Business - Your Golden Apple

Over the last decade, interest in E-Business has evolved from optimistic scenarios with the explicit message in the general press that “If you’re not an E-Business, you’re out of Business”.

We know the value creation from E-Business models aims to provide a more accurate intellectual and practical analysis of the E-Business model concept. With Gamey Studio, you have a partner with experience support you every step of the way and break the illusion of Information Technology.

E-Business service enables:

Reduction costs of production by reducing overheads

Putting your business on-line and offering your products for sale to your website visitors

Instant Access to Information about your company’s goods and services

Efficient exchange of information and products

Highly adaptable to your customer’s needs

Sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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